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11/09/10 Meeting

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11/09/10 Meeting Empty 11/09/10 Meeting

Post  BrianTurner on Wed Nov 10, 2010 2:59 pm

Mission College Fire Tech Association
November 8, 2010
Meeting started at: 5:10pm

Speaker: Gil Smith
Captain SCCFD
Engine 1 Cupertino, ‘C’ Shift

Website is key to get a job in the fire department
Website has all the information
“So you want to become a firefighter”
Paramedic is key to get a job in the fire department
SCCFD interviewed all who passed the test
What are you doing now
Annual report
Who we are
Report card on how we are doing
17 stations
110 – 150 sq miles
Los Altos Hills – Morgan Hill
Responded to over 1800 call last year
13,000 EMS calls
254 rescues

Driver Operator 1A/1B
Kelly Schedule 24 on 24 off
!2 week academy
18 month probation (union member)[they can still get rid of you if you are not performing]


Keep resume up to date
File it on time
Know min requirements before you show up and apply
Barrons guide to passing the written test
CPAT has to be current
Interview is Pass/Fail (20 min/ 3 to 4 people)
Chief’s interview is the time to sell yourself (SCCFD does not have a chief’s interview)


Will not get you hired - drugs, alcohol. DUI, violent

Typrcial Day

Gear up – check all equipment
Morning meeting – log book, notices, memos
Proby Training
1 hr of PT
Reports, email, etc.
8-15 call as well

What does a Proby do
Has to complete a workbook (firefighter 1)
Have to complete in order
Has to work on this book during the work shift as well as at home

Emergency response/non-emergency response
60 positions
Have to live in a certain area
HS diploma
18+ years old
Saturday and Wednesday nights Academy

You need to write down what you have done
Log book - red, fire call – black, training
Personal record of everything that you have gone to

Begin starting now
Pay your bills
Clean driving record
Clean law enforcement record
Up to date list of friends and relatives
Keep employment history up to date
Keep schooling up to date
Keep all certs and document it (PICK A NAME AND STICK TO IT)
Think about not having tattoos and piercing
Stay groomed
Get serious
Put yourself in the role that you want (i.e. Firefighter, captain, etc.)

Have to have a solid family support to help you in times of emotional need
You need to keep physical fit at all times
This job will beat you down
Start P90X NOW!!!
Stay connected with others who are serious about being a firefighter
Fire careers.com
Fire recruit .com
BA degrees
Stay focused, don’t lose hope

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